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I wanted to ask your Son, the Lord Jesus, for help and I was told, by my priest, that the way to approach him was through you.  First let me say that I don’t want to be picky but I have to ask, has your son become somewhat hard hearted since he was here on earth? I hope I am not being too forward in asking this question but I ask this because, if this is true, it seems he no longer is personally concerned about the needs of people like me. Anyway could you have a word with him on my behalf?  My priest says your holy son Jesus will not refuse you what you ask.

I’ve been told I can’t go to Jesus directly because he is much too busy to listen to the likes of me. This does not surprise me as I’m not a very important person here in my community and it probably follows that I’m not that important to him.  But I thank you Blessed Mother that I am important to you and you listen to me. But, if you could mention me to your son I would really appreciate it.  I expect He’s too busy to really know who I am but I thank you blessed virgin that you know me and care about me.

One thing you could do when you are talking to Him, however, is to ask him why he has changed.  I read through the New Testament and never found once where he was too busy for a sinner like me.  In fact, I think he was even called the friend of sinners. And one day I remember that he actually stood still to listen to a sinner.  He was busy that day for he was on the way to Jerusalem to go to the cross but he was stopped in his tracks by the cry of a poor blind beggar. This fellow was the son of a man called Timaeus and that’s why they called him Bar-Timaeus. I’m told that when they put the “Bar” in front of a name this means ‘son of” just the same way that St. Peter was Simon –Bar Jonas.  But I was struck that this poor beggar didn’t even have a first name,---well he probably did have one but he was so low on the scale of things that  they just called him Bar Timaeus---that’s how down and out he was, nevertheless, Jesus stood still at his cry.  Please ask him for me, just out of a matter of curiosity, why and when he changed in his attitude to sinners!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the Apostles when they wrote those--- now what do you call them----epistles---- yes that’s what they are, epistles.  Anyhow, when they wrote them, why did they not warn us that there was going to be a change in the arrangements for praying? I noticed St. Peter said that we have been given everything pertaining to life and godliness and then immediately went on to tell us about the promises of the Word of God: Yet he says nothing about you!  How did he miss out on the truth of your intercession for us?  Indeed, none of the apostles mention your role as intercessor!  I get confused by this because it means that, either the scriptures are not a sufficient guide or else, your intercession is not necessary for life and godliness! Please help me understand what’s going on!

One more quick question, I have read and re- read the New Testament looking for instances of where you showed yourself as the friend of sinners.  I must have missed them but I’m sure they are in there.  Maybe you could direct our priest to show me where the Scriptures show us where you are the sinner’s friend. You know I always ask you to ‘pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death’. I love that prayer but let me ask, when exactly did you begin this ministry of praying for us and why was it necessary?  I know it must have been when you were on earth but please help me find out exactly where the Bible tells us this.  A friend told me it was when the Lord said to John “behold your mother” but since Peter is the head of the church why did he not give you to him? And besides that, when I read and re-read that passage, it mentioned nothing of the ministry of intercession being passed over to you.

But then again, come to think of it, it probably wasn’t when you were in this world because your son prayed for his people when he was on earth.  I think that was in St. John’s Gospel, chapter 17.  You couldn’t possibly have been the intercessor back then since there would have been no need for both of you to pray unless, that is, your Son’s prayers were not strong enough and they needed a boost from your intercession. So, please Blessed Mother help me understand this, when you took over the ministry of intercession was it then that your son changed in his attitude to the rest of us? I always thought that being God he could not change but I must have been wrong on that since the priests and the Pope all agree that I need you to speak to your son on my behalf.  I know of course that God cannot change in who he is but what I’m puzzled about is why Jesus was once the friend of sinners and now he’s too busy to be my friend. That’s quite a change! Blessed Mother, I am a sinner and I need a savior.  Why does my savior not want to listen to my cries for help?

But my priest tells me not to worry because you are the co-redeemer and the Mediatrix of all graces; I realize, therefore, that there would have been no redemption without you. I cannot find any reference to this in the Bible but because my Church says it is so it must be so!  You are, therefore, in a place of great authority in the workings of heaven and of the Godhead so please, when you have a moment, help me to find the answer to these questions and please mention me to your son and tell him I’d love to talk to him someday!

Author’s Note: I know that some Roman Catholics do not believe this way this letter puts this.  You say you do not believe all that Mary stuff!  The time has come for you to stand up and be counted.  Why claim to love the Lord Jesus yet support a Church whose doctrine belittles and viciously attacks him in his role of the only savior, mediator and friend of sinners. This is not the time to be lukewarm for this business of sitting on the fence will cause him to vomit you out of his mouth (His words not mine--see Revelation 3:16) If this raises any questions please contact me at

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